Ashley Holland is a fifty-nine years old former high school teacher / coach and professional hardhat diver turned cattle farmer.

   After 28 years of diving in almost every environment imaginable and hundreds of nights in motels over the United States, I decided that riding a good horse was a much more desirable way to invest my time. With my business partner of twenty-eight years, Mike Gibson, I now run a cow-calf operation in Somerville, Alabama. We average 50 to 125 head of Angus cattle at any one time. We produce good quality hay for cows and horses in both round and square bales for the public. We sale replacement heifers by private treaties.  We also sell beef for your freezer, both *all natural and **grain finished.
        (* All natural meaning raised on pasture grass, hay and mama's milk.)
        (** Grain finished meaning weaned from the mother at a weight of 400-500 pounds and placed in a holding pen for 4 to 6 weeks on Bermuda hay and corn.)
    Both Mike and I have held to high moral and ethical standards though out more than three decades of business ventures. Both of us ran a Sub - Chapter S marine salvage and diving business for twenty-eight years. We found that providing the very best service, excellent communications with customers, endless hours of solving problems they faced, and doing it right the first time with honesty and integrity works. A deep rooted desire to be the best at our field was always paramount!
    Where did that desire to work hard, provide honesty and integrity stem from? Both Mike and I are men who understand we are responsible to and serve Someone much greater and higher than mortal man. We both are committed to Christ, our Lord and Savior. We both realized our destiny is virtually in His Hands and unlike Allstate, His grip donít slip! Christ has brought both of us through life and death experiences as well as mountain top and deep valley encounters that this life can toss at two simple country boys, and through it all THE LORD has never failed to sustain us!
    Even though we were running a successful business over those years, we had our sights set on an end goal at the conclusion. That goal was to invest in properties, construct office and warehouse facilities for rent and begin to reestablish our early roots back into cattle, hay production, farm land, and the wonderful pleasure of watching a big buck cross a pasture or riding a cow horse though a herd of beef cows.
    As you browse though our various links, please keep in mind that our desire is to be the best at each item you view.
    We want our Alabama grass-fed beef to be the cleanest, safest, and finest tasting meat you can put on your familyís plate.
    Our hay forage for cattle, horses, and goats will be of excellent condition, high in crude protein and TDN.
    Our buildings for lease will help our customers present a clean, professional appearance to their prospective clients and reflect both Mikeís and my desire to help our clients see success through their commitment and hard work.
    We feel that the land we have for sale and development reflects our understanding of the importance of location with transportation convenient to reach, service, and deliver your goods to future clients.
    We realize your success with our services, whether hay purchases, beef for your freezer, purchase of heifers for seed stock, renting of one our office warehouses or even a land purchase means a success for us as well.

Robert A. Holland
G & H Land and Cattle Company, LLC

(A view from the saddle!)

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