Mike Gibson is a fifty-eight year old factory worker and professional hardhat diver turned cattle farmer.

    After twenty-eight years of industrial, construction, and salvage diving all over the United States, I decided that raising beef cattle and growing hay, like my grandparents did, might be a nice change of lifestyle. So in 1999 my wife and I bought a small farm outside the town of Somerville, Alabama (population 200) and began to raise cattle and harvest hay for our own use. Somewhere along the line we began to expand a little. My business partner, Ashley Holland, and I now run between 50 and 125 head of Angus cattle, depending on the forage, and harvest between 600 and 1000 round bales of hay each year. We also harvest several thousand square bales each year for horses.
    We also lease warehouse and office buildings and buy and sale land.

Mike E. Gibson
G & H Land and Cattle Company, LLC

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