All American - All Natural Beef

Mother's milk and grass. What could be more natural?

There's no replacement for a mother's love and attention for a growing baby!



And more grass

Cattle were meant to eat forage, not grain, waste candy, other waste products and antibiotics.
Growth hormones and chemical-based feed products create fast per day weight gains for the producer but is this in the best interest of the consumer? We don't think so! Therefore we don't inject growth products, and we don't feed a high grain diet. (We do feed a minimum of grain based supplement in winter for the energy requirements of lactating cows and to calves being finished for processing upon request from the customer .)

Our cattle are produced from a closed herd with most calves coming in the fall and winter.

Calves are allowed to free on pastures large enough to be free of the concentrated manure typical of the large feed lots.

These cattle are so gentle that even the dog has a hard time getting them upset.
Calm gentle cattle are tender cattle.

Our objective is to breed, calve, raise and sell some of the finest all-natural beef for your freezer and family that can be found anywhere.

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