Dear Customer;
    We want to thank you for your purchase of forage.
    If this is your first time to deal with us, or as many are repeat customers, we simply say "thank you" for your trust and continued patronage.
    Both of us are committed to growing and harvesting the finest hay you can purchase. Early each season we spray our fields with broad leaf applications to eliminate pigweed, thistle and a number of other range and pasture weeds. We fertilize our fields, pray for rain, and, at the optimum time , harvest round and square bales to ensure the highest quality for crude protein and TDN (Total Digestive Nutrients). Once harvest is under way, we store our forage in the dry to ensure good quality when you stock receive it.
    We have samples sent to Auburn for quality evaluation to assure we are providing a quality product. All of our cattle and horses winter on our forage and, like you, we want the best for them. To see a copy of the results from one of those tests CLICK HERE.


We keep our equipment in top shape so that we can harvest at the optimum time.

Freshly baled hay off to a dry storage area.

Freshly harvested hay being promptly stored in a dry area.

Dry hay equals hay with proper nutrients!